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A local bestseller

356 pages and fully illustrated with many photos.

75 haunted locations, over 100 ghostly encounters, a lot of poltergeist activity and loads of history!

This is the most comprehensive compendium on the paranormal St Andrews has seen and forms the culmination of many years research.

£16.95 RRP*  £12.50


With 266 pages this is the most comprehensive investigation there has been into a fascinating St Andrews mystery involving a ghost and a chamber of corpses.

The mystery centres around most famous and prolific ghost in St Andrews- the White Lady. Anyone familiar with the town is more than likely aware of her, but how much does anyone really know about her?

Welcome to a St Andrews Mystery

£14.95 RRP*   only £10.00


271 pages and over 80 haunted places from right across the Kingdom of Fife.

This is the first time a book has been written solely devoted to the Ghosts of Fife in Scotland.

Comprehensive A to Z guide of haunted places.
Guided trail of 25 haunted castles.

The book is a great guide to exploring the Kingdom of Fife. (Own transport required).

£15.95 RRP*   only £11.00


Over 300 pages of previously unpublished material

If you are staying in St Andrews and want to sleep tonight. Don’t read this book!

As a follow-up to Ghosts of St Andrews, this new book has over 160 new unpublished haunted locations along with updates for ‘Ghosts of St Andrews’ and ‘A St Andrews Mystery’.

Coming soon in 2018

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