Knowing what to wear when coming to St Andrews isn’t easy.
So I thought I would give these high end golf clothing specialists a bit of a plug!

I’ve taken over 20,000 people on tours including a lot of golfing parties and GALVIN GREEN really help me with what I do on a daily basis.

With conducting tours around the Home of Golf a few times every day through most of the year, i’ve spent a small fortune looking for the right weather gear with little success… then I discovered GALVIN GREEN.

We can have all four seasons in the same day in St Andrews, so if you’re looking for all round lightweight weather gear for your trip, check these guys out from Sweden.

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All purpose Gore-Tex weather gear

They specifically make high end quality golf layers for men and women, but i’ve found they are more adaptive for purpose than high end mountain gear in winter and light enough for summer, and hey, who doesn’t like Gore-Tex! So not just for the course and their branding looks great.. I wear their black Ash range! 

If you would like to know more, here’s a short video about just one of there many great products.

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I look forward to seeing you on a tour!

Richard Falconer

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